Student Affairs Deputy’s Message

Welcome to the page of the Deputyship for Student Affairs at Jubail University College!

Deputyship for Student Affairs is keen on maintaining the clarity and ease of procedures and ensuring the quality and speed of services delivered to the college students. The deputyship includes several administrative units, all seek to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for the student: Admission and Registration Unit that follows up with students' academic status from the first day at college until graduation and meet their needs according to regulations and college rules with the optimum use of technology to achieve quality, transparency, and justice. Student Services is the unit that keen on providing a comfortable environment for the student through the provision of lockers, transporting service, nursing, and part time job for students. Counseling and Guidance that aims to support the student through counseling sessions, awareness activities, and counseling program for preparatory year students. In addition, the deputyship is concerned with providing purposeful activities to develop the students' skills and enhance their personality and their belonging to religion and country. It includes eight clubs for student activities: Business Club, English Club, Computer Science Club, Interior Design Club, Leadership Club, Religious Club, Cultural Club, and Volunteer Club.

 Moreover, the deputyship oversees the Students Council, which aims to enhance communication between the administrative and educational staff of the college and its students, and to provide various cultural and entertainment activities. As well as the Learning Resources Center, which provides the student with various information and library services with the appropriate environment for research and study.

The Safety and Security Unit is concerned with preserving the buildings and property of the college, ensuring the safety of its employees, spreading awareness of security and safety procedures, and improving the level of discipline and adherence to the rules and regulations of the college in order to contribute in providing an appropriate environment for teaching and learning.

Dear visitor / student: In this website you will find the appropriate answers to all inquiries about the services provided by the deputyship, and we are always pleased to receive your constructive suggestions and purposeful comments that contribute to the development of programs and services to achieve our desired goals.


Lastly, wish you all dear students an academic life full of success and achievements.


Deputy for Student Affairs-JUC Female Branch

Dr. Noha Abdulkareem Alnazzawi