Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and counseling Unit:

The guidance and counseling unit plays a significant role in guiding the students and helping ​​​them to solve their problems along with creating an educational environment that supports a positive behavior and attitude of the students. It also helps them to cope with the environment and indulge actively in the extracurricular activities held inside or outside the college campus, the unit would also participate in finding the best helpful and suitable solutions to overcome academic, behavioral, social, or psychological problems that students might face through their college life and may somehow reflect negatively on their expected academic performance.


Developing the psychological, social, behavioral, professional, and knowledgeable sides of students to ensure the adaptation of the students with the college life.

Consultation and Guidance tasks:
  • Assisting the new students to adjust, indulge in the academic atmosphere of the college.
  • Helping new students in overcoming the educational difficulties through remedial classes designed for the preparatory year.
  • Assisting students in solving their social and behavioral problems and providing them with confidential counselling.
  • Helping the student to discover her inner goals by helping her to recognize her abilities, and skills and to understand the problems she might face.
  • Providing psychological and social counselling that seeks to develop the students psychologically and socially.
  • Developing the decision-making skills of the student.
  • Developing the student’s ability to engage, converse and give her opinion freely and responsibly.
  • Helping the student to adapt to unexpected changes in her academic or personal life.
  • Solving psychological and social problems that may hinder ​academic performance.
  • Paying attention to academic failures cases and finding possible solutions.
  • Paying attention to  certain behaviors and odd attitude that may affect the the students’ educational atmosphere and providing them with ways to prevent such cases and solutions of existing once.
  • Being part in organizing and coordinating the students’ activities with the help of the student Affairs service unit to help students benefit from their free time and polish their personal skill in order to gain new experiences.
  • Holding the necessary courses and seminars to develop the students’ intellectual, and interactive skills, to develop the concept of positive personality, and to encourage them to excel at the academic and personal levels.
  • Encouraging the student to keep contact with her own community, for the purpose of developing her positive social personality.
  • Paying attention to cases that require financial support through petty cash and financial assistance.

Consultation and Guidance services:
Psychological and social counseling:
To provide confidential psychological and social counseling for students to help them overcome stress, psychological and academic difficulties.

Petty cash and financial assistance:

Any student who spent one semester in the college can apply electronically via the portal and fill out the petty cash request​ to receive loans or subsidy of ​a maximumm of (1000) SR​.

The Students Consultation program:

It is a program that seeks to communicate with the Preparatory year students and help them succeed and adapt in their university life through nominating students from different majors who are willing to help and guide the Preparatory year students in the following:

1. Adapting to the academic college life (College Life Guides)

2. Overcoming the educational difficulties through remedial classes designed for all preparatory year subjects (Lessons’ Guides/Conductors)


College’s Nurse:
The college provides an internal clinic. It provides band aid, medicines, health supplies, and medical insurance for all JUC students from Jubail Industrial City or other cities at the Royal Commotion Hospital and Health Care Centers.
  • Students shall visit the clinic to provide the staff with necessary information with the medicines they take, to be ready in case of emergencies. In addition, a health fitness form should be filled out during the registration period at the nurse office to disclose the students’ specific needs and  this form can be updated to cover the students’ health and special needs.