Finance and Procurement

The main responsibility of the Financial and Procurement unit is to meet all employees' needs. Also, it is responsible for organizing and following up work regarding recruitments, training, and scholarship and government relations. In addition, it is in charge of following up and completing all accounting and financial transactions for all administrators, faculty members, and students.

The Unit Tasks:

A.  Personnel Affairs and Government Relations:
  • Ensuring that rules and administrative regulations of personnel affairs are followed and applied as required.
  • Providing services for newly joined employees and until completing the recruitment process. 
  • Preparing new employees for the work environment and following up the probationary evaluation.
  • Proceeding and pursuing promotions, vacations, annual bonuses, allowances, salaries, and incentives. Moreover, pursuit employees performance evaluation, and renewal contracts.
  • Providing and facilitating the governmental procedures for the faculty members and their families regarding Visas and so on.
  • Providing adequate accommodation services for faculty members in a sociable and healthy environment.
  • Facilitating the maintenance and cleaning services for the family and single compounds.
  • Coordinating internal and external training programs for the administrators and faculty members.
  • Coordinating the annual scholarship plan for Saudi faculty and following up their affairs.
B.  Accounting:
  • Providing all accounting and financial services to JUC female community.
  • Pursuing students' stipends and other procedures.
  • Taking over all accounting tasks for the students' funds and special programs' fees.
  • Preparing the forms of overtime work hours and following up issuing its payment.
  • Preparing periodic reports of the department's achievements and initiating plans for improving its performance.
  • Working on improving the department's rules and regulations and regularly updating it for better performance.