Facilities and Services

The Unit is responsible for maintenance, cleaning, arrangement requisitions and providing stationary and office supplies for all JUC departments.

Unit Objective:

Providing high quality and prompt supporting services.

Unit Tasks:
  • Following up maintenance requests for JUC facilities and ensuring their proper condition.
  • Making the needed preparations of facilities for the various College activities including re-arrangement, transferring furniture, and providing all required needs supplies.
  • Supervising the cleaning services in the College facilities and insuring the best quality of the provided service.
  • Maintaining the finest external and internal appearances of the College facilities.
  • Operating the College call centre via receiving all incoming and outgoing calls from inside and outside the College besides responding to the inquiries of the beneficiaries.
  • Collecting and distributing correspondence documentations among the College divisions.
  • Following-up the College needs and demands for office supplies and stationary materials.
  • Restructuring and organizing all offices including (furniture, phones, drawers, keys, desks…etc.).