About the Department of Computer Science & Engineering:

The Department of Computer Science is one of the pioneering departments at Jubail University College started in 2007. The department currently offers Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (CS) and is planning to offer Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering (COE) in the near future.

The language of study is English. Students are enrolled in the Department of Computer Science after successfully passing the preparatory year, where they are prepared for college study through specially designed curriculum in English, Mathematics and Information Technology. The program is offered for both male and female students. CS Students spend 8 semesters in the specialization studying in total 127 credit hours. In addition to the general studies subjects and Business subjects, the curriculum covers a wide range of computer related subjects such as Computer programming, database Systems, Operating Systems, Introduction to Computing, Computer Programming, Introduction to Computer Science, Discrete Structures, Data Structures, Programming Languages, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Object-Oriented Programming, Computer Organization & Assembly, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Communications, Computer Network Systems, Social & Ethical Issues of Computing, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Computer Security, Web Engineering and Development, Digital Logic Design, etc. in addition to field training placement in the last semester. The student must obtain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 on a 4.00 points scale to meet graduation requirements. Graduates from the CS program can get jobs to work as Computers Programmers, Information Systems Analysts , Data Analyst , Database Programmer, Network Engineer ,Computer Technician or engineer Computer Maintenance, Technical Support Supervisors, Inventory Control Programmers, Web Applications Professionals, etc.

The department is currently employs many    Academic Professionals from different backgrounds with sound academic qualifications in all areas of computer related disciplines. The current students-faculty ration is around 1-11. The CS department is planning to offer short courses for industry and community in many areas of computing such as Oracle, Java,   Networking, Operating Systems and Web Design.