Quality Assurance & Accreditation Unit

 Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Develop an integrated system to assure quality and continuous evaluation of academic and administrative departments.
    2. Develop and implement Quality Assurance plans and supervise the implementation in the academic programs.
    3. Spread the culture of quality at the College level and the awareness of its requirements.
    4. Regularly review the necessary regulations and procedures related to quality and development
    5. Review the action plans of the academic departments and make necessary suggestions.
    6. Liaise the College with the internal and external accreditation teams.
    7. Create and continuously update a database on quality and accreditation activities in the College.
    8. Develop appropriate interim plans for the periodic review of the quality standards adopted to ensure continuous quality improvement in academic departments and administrative units in the College.
    9. Conduct the required studies to identify the actual and target expectation of the stakeholders' satisfaction and to report the results to the concerned departments.
    10. Identify specific training needs for faculty members and coordinate with the related units to facilitate the trainings.
    11. Analyze the challenges during the implementation of the quality programs and propose solutions.
    12. Coordinate the activities in acquiring programs and institution accreditation at the local and international level.
    13. Implement internal audits and periodic reviews.
    14. Supervise the preparation of quality documents and manuals necessary for evaluation and accreditation.
    15. Update academic departments with any changes in accreditation standards and criteria and set the tactics to meet such requirements by accreditation agencies such as: NCAAA, ABET and other accreditation bodies.
    16.  Receiving internal and external accreditation teams.
    17. Preparing self-assessment reports.
    18. Supervising the preparation of skills development plan for faculty and staff members.
    19. Follow-up the evaluation and development of teaching performance of faculty members.